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The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is one of the nation’s largest volunteer programs for individuals that are age 55 or over.

The program allows its volunteers to utilize their experiences, skills and interests. RSVP volunteers have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they are able to share with their community.

RSVP volunteers have the flexibility and ability to choose how they want to give back to their community. RSVP volunteers may volunteer from a few hours to more than 40 hours a week at numerous volunteer sites throughout Southern Nevada.
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benefits to becoming a volunteer

RSVP - Lead With Experience. Click here to learn more.

"I started calling for the RSVP program not long ago. 
It has been a great experience to be able to reach out to other seniors who are feeling alone.  I receive as much support from my two ladies as I hope I give to them.  It is true joy to feel useful again,
as I have been retired for 2 years. "

– Diane Kemp


The RSVP program is a cost effective way for agencies to solve critical staff shortages and maintain acceptable levels of service in education, public safety, the environment, and other critical human needs.

Many non-profit organizations rely on the generosity of volunteers for their continued success. The demands placed on social service staff leaves little time for the additional attention special needs clients require. Many programs would find it difficult to maintain current service levels without volunteer assistance.

RSVP offers seniors an opportunity to effect positive changes in their community.

Volunteers decrease the level of isolation felt by themselves and the seniors
they serve. The RSVP program enriches the lives of our volunteers and the community we serve.

Volunteer Application

volunteer stations

RSVP Volunteers serve at a variety of volunteer sites throughout Southern Nevada. RSVP volunteers are not only active in the Las Vegas Valley but they also volunteer in outlying communities such as Overton and Boulder City.

These volunteers provide much needed support to places such as:
Senior Centers
Elementary schools.

They serve as tutors to children that require additional assistance with reading and writing at local elementary schools; they provide tourists/visitors information about our community and help patrol the Strip as part of their community policing activities; and they continue to support and expand programs at local senior centers. 

RSVP volunteers also provide a great community need with the Telephone Reassurance Program by making daily reassurance calls to individuals in need.

To be part of the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program please fill in the form below
please call 382-0721 and a representative will be in contact with you.

Become a RSVP volunteer today! Retired & Senior Volunteer Program 4840 S. Eastern Ave, Las Vegas NV 89119