1. Call or Email to Learn About Adoption:

General information is provided regarding adoption, choices in adoption such as openness and choosing a family.

2. Meet with an Adoption Social Worker:

An adoption social worker is available to meet when you are comfortable to discuss adoption in further detail your specific scenario and develop a plan to best assist you. The social worker can meet with you wherever you are comfortable- whether that is at our office, at your home or at a public place such as a park or coffee shop.

3. Ongoing Support:

The social worker will offer ongoing support and assistance throughout the pregnancy and delivery. This includes assistance with community resources that help with necessities such as prenatal care, housing, food, transportation, etc.

4. Selection of Adoptive Family:

Birthparents choose the level of openness with their child’s adoptive family. This customized adoption plan includes the decision to select a family, meet a family and develop a relationship with a family should the adoptive family choose to do so.

5. Placement:

Birthparents can sign documents relinquishing their parental rights allowing an adoption to occur when the child is at least 72 hours old. The child can then go home with the adoptive family.

6. Post Placement Services:

Social workers are available to birthparents post-placement as long as the birthparent needs assistance or support.

Please call 702-385-3351 or email Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Adoption Services to learn more about your options.