Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Adoption Services has provided adoption services since 1941 and facilitates approximately 20-25 adoption plans each year. We are here to assist anyone considering adoption for their child to learn more about the adoption process and if this will be the right choice for you. We recognize this can be a difficult time and are here to offer support and guidance as you explore your options. Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Adoption Services prides ourselves in our ethical, caring services we provide to all clients. We believe making an adoption plan for child is a very loving and selfless decision.

In the state of Nevada, parents cannot sign any paperwork consenting to an adoption before their child is at least 72 hours old. This means all work done during the pregnancy and immediately following the birth of the child is part of the planning process and is not legally binding. Prior to signing consent paperwork, a birthparent may choose to parent their child at any time.

Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Adoption Services offers individualized, custom adoption plans. These plans are created by birthparents with the assistance of an adoption social worker. We also offer a monthly support group for birthparents as well as expectant parents considering adoption for their child. We have three full-time social workers, one of which is dedicated to working with expectant and birthparents.