Hire a Refugee

Are you looking for dependable and eager employees? Let us help you diversify your workforce and fulfill positions from entry level to highly skilled, with qualified candidates!

How it Works

Job Placement

  • We assess our clients work skills.
  • Provide essential information needed to set-up employment interviews.
  • Assist with training.
  • We offer re-certification programs for skilled and highly-trained refugees; assisting them to become eligible to practice their former professions in the U.S. with you.

Attention Employers

  • Are you looking for dedicated and hard working employees?
  • Let us serve as your FREE employment agency!

Our clients come to us under the sponsorship of the U.S. Government. They all have the proper immigration documents and employment authorization cards. They are eager to create a good and lasting impression as new members of our society. As a result, your new potential employees are highly-motivated and possess an excellent work ethic.

How to Obtain This Service

For more information, please fill in the form below or contact us at 702-383-8387.

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