How Donations and Volunteering Make an Impact

January 25, 2023

Donating and volunteer work does not have to feel like a chore, it can be very emotionally rewarding to take the time out of your day to help your community grow and flourish. While there are many ways Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada allows people to volunteer or donate in a way that is convenient for them.

But how exactly does volunteering or making a donation affect the community, Catholic Charities, or the people who visit our campus? Any small amount of assistance does a great deal of help, but it can be hard to directly see the influence or impact that volunteering and donating can have on the community.

Community Impact

The purpose of volunteering and donations is to help impact individuals and families in need within the community. Everyone has different situations or circumstances where they may need extra help. Catholic Charities steps in to provide help to those individuals in need who are the most vulnerable. Catholic Charities operates 16 programs providing support to more than 4,000 people daily and encompassing four core areas: Family Services, Food Services, Immigration, and Refugee Services, and Homeless and Housing Services. Catholic Charities also operates the largest Meals on Wheels program and Emergency Shelter Services in Southern Nevada.

The programs all exist in order to provide shelter, meals, education, and other opportunities to those who may not have access to certain privileges as other individuals. By donating food or hygiene products, you are helping another individual who may be experiencing some difficulty in life and they just need a little more help. Helping hundreds of people within Southern Nevada get proper clothes, food, or just overall care can be a very rewarding sight to see people smile and know that they are cared for. 

Personal Growth

Volunteering is something that people do either because they love the community, love what they do, or sometimes people do it for personal growth. It is mentally rewarding to help other people and see the hard work and things you do have an instant impact on the world or community. Plus, it allows you to meet new people or speak to people you never would have thought you would have a connection with. Hearing other people’s stories and taking the time to listen and learn can be a strong stepping stone for inspiring growth within yourself. 

Volunteering or donating has been found as a way to relieve stress or get your mind off of any personal issues you may be dealing with. Focusing your energy on something else may be a good way to do good while you unwind and put that energy toward helpful use. Seeing other individuals may make you feel more grateful and appreciative for the things you do have versus the things other individuals might not. It can be easy to forget and take advantage of certain privileges we have every day, but not everyone is so lucky with blessings. Volunteer work and being empathetic can improve your mood and overall mental health. So why not try something new and give it a chance? 

Employment Opportunities

Volunteer work also can open doors to new employment opportunities, since it shows on a resume that you are dedicated to something and are passionate about causes within the community. Sometimes you can meet other businesses or individuals volunteering that might be impressed by your work or skill sets and can help you gain employment. 

It never hurts to use volunteer work as an example of how you work in certain situations and environments. It is by no means work experience, but it does show how you are willing to work and can help build real life problem solving skills. By volunteering you can learn new skills or brush up on old skills to add to your portfolio.

Giving Others Another Chance

By donating or volunteering you are opening a door for people who may need a new start or a second chance in life. It is not an exaggeration to say you are saving someone's life by donating food or volunteering to help in food pantries or whatever you're volunteering to help with. People may be in dangerous situations and have nowhere else to turn to when they come to an emergency shelter or a food pantry. We provide food, shelter, and comprehensive services through collaboration, recognizing that each person is created in the image and likeness of God and that God’s compassion transforms lives.

No good deed goes unpunished or unnoticed. We are appreciative to people who volunteer or donate since without them we would not be able to help anyone or make any difference within the Southern Nevada community. 

There are thousands of other organizations that need help as well and you might find yourself wanting to help an individual, family, or cause that is more personal to you, volunteer work or donations are needed all over the world. Researching different organizations and what services they offer is important, because it can help you understand what direct impacts are being made and can motivate you to help their specific causes. 

Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada began in 1941 and continues to be one of the largest private nonprofit social service providers in the state. Catholic Charities' mission is designed to help vulnerable people from infants to seniors gain self-sufficiency with dignity and compassion, regardless of religion. In order to carry out our mission, Catholic Charities employs on average 235 full-time and part-time employees and utilizes volunteers. With their generous gift of time and talent, volunteers enable Catholic Charities to help even more.

By blending the support of individual donors, the local and federal government, and benevolent community partners, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada will continue vigilantly planning and preparing for the future needs of Southern Nevada as it has done for the past eight decades. If you’re ready to start volunteering, please visit our website to learn more or give us a call at (702)-387-4733.

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