Spring Cleaning Donations: Where to Donate

February 27, 2023

Spring cleaning is the annual tradition of thoroughly cleaning and organizing one's home, often accompanied by opening windows, letting in the fresh air, and disposing of unnecessary items. This season provides an opportunity to refresh and declutter our living spaces, creating a more harmonious and cleaner environment. Spring cleaning not only improves the physical appearance of our homes but also provides a sense of accomplishment and can even boost mental health and well-being.

At Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, keeping our campus clean is one of our main focuses so guests can feel welcomed and safe in a fresh and clean environment. Spring cleaning season is the perfect time to donate cleaning supplies to Catholic Charities. The donation of unopened cleaning supplies is a simple yet effective way to help support those in need and make a positive impact in your community. Be mindful that any half-used items that are donated will be discarded, we only accept new and unused items. Here are different places where Catholic Charities can accept cleaning donations!

Migration & Refugee Services

The Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) division of Catholic Charities is dedicated to aiding refugees from various parts of the world to restart their lives after enduring persecution based on religion, race, or politics, which often results in them leaving their homes, families, and native countries behind. The aim of MRS is to empower refugees to achieve self-sufficiency and live independent lives in the shortest possible time frame. 

People in need of housing are provided with housing through the MRS program. Because of this, they are always seeking donations for the refugee's new homes. From dishes, pots and pans, can openers, alarm clocks, and small household appliances, these are just a few things needed from donations to help those in our MRS program get the basic necessities they need to rebuild a home for themselves. 

Spring cleaning supplies do necessarily mean paper towels, soap, or sponges, but other household items that can be used to make an environment feel more like home for new residents in our community.  While these are not commonly donated items, you can always contact us at 702-387-4733 or visit our website to see what items we are in most need of. 

Men’s Emergency Night Shelter

The Men's Emergency Night Shelter is more than just a place to sleep, it is a place where men can receive the support and resources they need to get back on their feet. The shelter provides a safe and supportive environment for men to begin their journey toward stability and independence. The staff at the shelter is dedicated to helping men overcome the challenges they face and move forward with their lives.

One of the key aspects of Catholic Charities Men's Emergency Night Shelter is a collaboration with local organizations and community partners. This collaboration allows the shelter to offer a comprehensive range of services from referrals to mental health services and access to educational and job training programs.

In order to keep our guests at the shelter comfortable and clean, we ask for donations of emergency shelter items to provide hygienic products such as toothpaste, shaving cream, and deodorant to keep our guests feeling refreshed. 

We also take the most care to assure our emergency shelter is clean and tidy for guests in need. To promote safety, each bed has a LEXAN sneeze guard. Additionally, the shelter is cleaned and sanitized each day. Our shelter beds are provided on a first come first serve basis, offering lower bunks to those in wheelchairs and or with walkers, including seniors. 

Cleaning supplies we received will be put to use for sanitizing our St Vincent apartments to assure a safe and welcoming environment in their new home. Any other emergency shelter items we receive will be given to our guests on a first come first serve basis.

The Men's Emergency Night Shelter is a critical resource for homeless men in need of a safe and supportive environment. The shelter provides a crucial stepping stone for men to transition to permanent housing and regain control of their lives. With the support of Catholic Charities and the generosity of the community, men at the shelter are given the tools and resources they need to break the cycle of homelessness and rebuild their lives.

Catholic Charities Campus 

The Catholic Charities campus has a lot of different places for guests, from St. Vincent Lied Dining Facility across to our other 16 programs  we have a lot of different areas to upkeep on campus. 

Donating cleaning supplies is a simple and cost-effective way to make a difference in the lives of those in need. This type of donation is often overlooked, but it can have a significant impact on the residents at Catholic Charities. Some of the most commonly needed cleaning supplies include paper towels, cleaning sprays, brooms, mops, and sponges.

When making a donation of cleaning supplies, it is important to consider the needs of the organization and to serve our clients.  For example, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic cleaning products may be preferred, as they are safer for both the environment and those who are using them.  The only time Catholic Charities may receive cleaning supply donations is in the form of kits our residents can use in their new homes. It helps us a lot when people choose to host a virtual donation drive so that our campus can receive the desired tools or supplies we need to upkeep our campus. Additionally, any monetary donations can be used to upkeep a wide range of spaces on our campus that require specific cleaning and care. There are a lot of different options available to help support Catholic Charities and we are honored that our community helps us provide the utmost care for our clients and guests.

One way to donate is to purchase the supplies directly and drop them off at the Catholic Charities campus. Another way is to organize a community garden drive in collaboration with local businesses, community organizations, and schools. You can also host a fundraising event to raise money for the charity and their initiatives, and use the proceeds to purchase necessary items.

Any donation helps no matter how big or small, we put everyone’s love and care into providing dignity and compassion for those in need. Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is ready to keep our campus clean and bright for those who come to visit and volunteer! Visit our website to learn more about our services or how you can get involved.

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