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Diane Kelley

In a fifth grade class at Kermit Booker Elementary, students are busy mastering the art of learning. If you listen past the noise in the classroom, an encouraging, patient voice can be heard. That voice would be from Diane Kelley, Foster Grandparent Team Leader.

Diane has been serving as a Foster Grandparent for 5 years. Catholic Charities Foster Grandparent Program provides much-needed support and services to children in need throughout the southern Nevada community. Foster Grandparents focus on literacy and tutor, mentor and assist children that have been identified as at risk students.

“The kids I work with want to read better and learn. When I see them improve, it’s amazing. If I can help just one child succeed, then I feel I’ve done something,” she said. In Nevada there is a high rate of students who are illiterate or behind the level they should be reading at. Diane explained that this can start a cycle that leads to problems later in life.

“I was working with a fifth grader who only had a first grade reading level. It’s embarrassing to those students and they take on an unpleasant behavior to cover it up. When these kids get pushed through the system, they often drop out when they get older,” she said.

Fortunately, through the efforts of Diane and other Foster Grandparents,many of the students who receive extra attention and instruction show improvement. In some cases, they even flourish.

“One female student scored very low on the Comprehensive Reading Test and lacked self-esteem. I taught her to think positive and just answer the questions to the best of her ability. When she took the same test later, she scored higher than ever before and now will be able to move on to the sixth grade. “She wrote me a letter thanking me for the tools to help her read and write,” Diane said.

Foster Grandparent Program

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Foster Grandparents provide much needed support and services to children in need throughout the Southern Nevada community. Foster Grandparents play an important role in the young person’s life as a tutors, mentors and assist children that have been identified as at-risk students.

Foster Grandparents dedicate their time and talent to locations throughout Clark County such as:

  • Clark County School District
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Day Care Centers
  • Head Start Centers

Eligibility to Become a Foster Grandparent

  • Volunteers must be 55 years of age or older
  • Meet income eligibility guidelines
  • Complete required background check
  • Ability to serve between 15-40 hours a week
  • Enjoy working with children

Benefits of Becoming a Foster Grandparent Volunteer

  • Paid orientation and training sessions
  • Income-eligible Foster Grandparents receive non-taxable/non-reportable income
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Paid holidays
  • Annual physical reimbursement up to $20
  • Accident and liability insurance while on duty
  • Annual Recognition Events

Foster Grandparents are able to make strong emotional connections with children and get a great deal of satisfaction from making a difference in their lives.

Federal, state and community partners:

National Service

Volunteer Match

Nevada Senior Services

Aging & Disability Services Division

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