Meals on Wheels

Featured Story:
Marvin Hill

Marvin lost his right leg to diabetes. Although he has a prosthetic leg, it is too difficult for Marvin to get around. He was referred to Meals on Wheels and started receiving services four years ago. His health has improved following intervention by Catholic Charities’ Registered Dietitian, but is still at risk of losing his other leg. Meals on Wheels is a vital service to more than 2,000 homebound seniors who would not otherwise have access to healthy meals, nutritional supplements, and in some cases, durable medical equipment and pet food for their loyal companions. For some seniors, the Meals on Wheels drivers are the only visitor they may have to check on their well-being. Meals on Wheels is the only program of its kind in Las Vegas that is offered at no charge to the recipient.

Meals On Wheels

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Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada has a long-standing commitment to fighting hunger and improving nutrition for low-income and fixed-income clients includes a special focus on homebound seniors.

What We Do:

Catholic Charities has been providing “Meals on Wheels” to older adults in southern Nevada since 1975.

  • Catholic Charities is the only agency with a program that delivers meals directly to homebound seniors in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas at no cost to the client.
  • The Meals on Wheels Program delivers a set of seven nutritionally balanced, frozen meals to more than 2,100 clients each and every week throughout the year.
  • The meals are delivered by caring, compassionate delivery drivers.

Beyond the meals, delivery drivers also make weekly wellness checks and deliver donated pet food for those who have companions. For some clients, this is the only real outside contact they have with someone. For these seniors, a real bond often develops with our drivers.

Did You Know:

  • Nationally, one in six seniors struggles with hunger. Not only does it create an unparalleled anxiety, it also affects every aspect of senior health. The problem is significant, and it is growing. As the baby boom generation continues to cross the 60-year age line, the amount of seniors and accordingly those who struggle with hunger is exponentially increasing.
  • Nevada ranks among the top states in the country with the highest rates of hunger risk among seniors.

Benefits from Meals On Wheels:

  • Helps seniors to eat healthier
  • Improves their overall health
  • Homebound seniors feel more secure
  • Allows seniors to live in their own homes independently
  • Receive weekly wellness checks by our delivery drivers

It costs less to provide a senior this service for an entire year than it costs to spend one day in the hospital or six days in a nursing home.  Meals On Wheels is funded through grants for 56% of the total meal cost. The remaining cost has to be raised and paid by the agency.

We are grateful to our wonderful sponsors of the Meals on Wheels Program:
Department of Health & Human Services – Aging and Disability Services Division
Thomas Spiegel Family Foundation
Mayor Carolyn Goodman and the City of Las Vegas
Caesars Foundation
NV Energy Foundation
MGM Resort Foundation
City of North Las Vegas

If you would like to help, our program is currently in need of microwave ovens
or you can make a monetary donation here.

Basic Eligibility To Receive Meals on Wheels:

  • Individuals who are age 60 and older.
  • Individuals must be homebound due to illness, physical or cognitive impairment, or geographic isolation.
  • Individuals must be a year round resident of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas Nevada.

If you would like to receive meals through our Meals on Wheels Program, please complete the application form below.
Please answer all questions on this referral application to be considered for the Meals On Wheels program.

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Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is an equal opportunity provider.