Renewing Hope Program for Men

Featured Story:

“I am very happy I stuck with the Renewing HOPE program because I got the support I needed. It really changed my life.”

Henry came to Catholic Charities after his employer of 17 years went out of business. He was confused and didn’t what to expect in a shelter. He was pleasantly surprised to find how modern and nice the facilities were. Even though he was impressed by the welcoming conditions of the shelter, he knew he wanted more. After only one day, a friend recommended he try the Renewing HOPE program.

He loved that the program helped him with online job applications, something he didn’t have experience with. He also greatly appreciated the private housing arrangement, free meals, and support he received from his case manager.

While in the Renewing HOPE program, Henry applied to over 200 jobs and received 9 interviews. He almost lost hope that something would work out. In his final interview, he was hired on the spot! He now enjoys his new job back in the service industry.

Henry appreciates Renewing HOPE for helping him find structure and support in a very difficult time. Now Henry encourages others to join the program through his positive example.

Renewing HOPE

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Contact Us

Client Services
1511 Las Vegas Boulevard North
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Recognizing that independence is achieved one step at a time, the Renewing Hope Program For Men offers a structured environment for homeless men who want to gain self-sufficiency through employment. With minimal eligibility requirements and honest participation, individuals can receive emergency shelter services, one-on-one case management and access to life skills classes, job readiness education and support groups.

Restoring Dignity and Achieving Self-Sufficiency

  • Assigned sleeping area
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Access to meals at the St. Vincent Lied Dining Facility
  • One-on-one intensive Case Management for support and guidance
  • Attend Life Skills Classes, employment readiness education, and support groups
  • Each resident participates in job skill experiences with our programs throughout our campus
  • Referrals to community resources

Qualifications to Join the Renewing Hope Program

  • Be a Nevada Resident with State picture Identification Card
  • 18 years or older
  • U.S. Citizen or valid INS authorization to work
  • Social Security Card
  • Mentally and physically able to work

Entering the Program

Orientation is required for the Renewing Hope program and takes place Monday – Thursday at 2:30 p.m. Please contact us at 702-387-2282 for more information.